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We know you want to have the best experience possible when you come to our school for your Spanish Course. Where you stay is just as important. Let us help you with that.

Stay at our hotel

Entry of hotel Pura Vida

Hotel Pura Vida

The Hotel Pura Vida is in a quiet location on the edge of Puerto Viejo.It is only a short jaunt to both the beaches and the center of town. We have ten large, light-filled and airy rooms, some with private baths and some with shared facilities.

An earth-friendly solar heater warms our shower water, and all of the rooms have sinks, reading lights, mosquito nets, and fans. Fresh towels, sheets, and daily room cleaning are, of course, part of our regular service.

The best hotel in Puerto Viejo

You will wake up to the scent of freshly made coffee, and begin your day with a delicious breakfast on our patio. We also offer drinks and small meals throughout the day. Relax in comfortable chairs and hammocks surrounded by our tropical gardens.

Please keep in mind that we do not have a communal kitchen or any other cooking facilities.

Student's lodge

The perfect place for students

Located in the middle of the forest. Our student’s lodge is the perfect place for the students who want to be surrounded by nature and wake up by the sound of birds. 

Picture of a room in the students lodge of the Spanish school Pura Vida

Peaceful, Quiet, Surrounded by nature...

Our school now boasts new facilities!

Our students’ lodge is perfect for all thos who want to feel the peace and calmness from being surrounded by nature. The student’s house is located 3 km away from downtown Puerto Viejo. 15 min ride by bike. The lodge boasts 2 shared dormitory rooms.

Perfect for long and calm stays in Puerto Viejo

Hot Shower

Non-smoking rooms

Shared kitchen

Parking option

2 Shared rooms

Washing machine

More options


Photo of Ana's homestay

Real Spanish Immersion

This option is the perfect oportunity to immerse yourself 100% in the language. Partake in the everyday life of a family, traditions, culture and of course language. Experiencing the Spanish language this way will not only improve your language skills but also open your eyes to a new culture.

Your own accommodation

Of course you can also search on your own for the accommodation that suits best your needs. Puerto Viejo offers a great variety of hotels, hostels and apartments of different quality and price range. You’ll find plenty of them on the internet where you can book them online. Especially if you intend to stay for a couple of weeks, we recommend renting a private apartment with your own kitchen facilities. If needed we are happy to recommend you some lodging options.

Detailed Accommodation Pricing

Hotel Pura Vida

245 / week

At hotel pura vida you will get the best experience, since it is located in the same property as the school and conveniently located in the town. You will have no problems to move aroundand get everything you need with ease.

Students Lodge

20 / night

The best option if you want to be surrounded by nature and away from all the noise of the town. Kilimiliki Lodge is the perfect escape. The property boasts 2-bed dormitory rooms, with shared bathroom and kitchen.

Weeks Price per night Total per week

General Information

  • Please note that during high season, price changes apply. Please contact us to confirm the rates.
  • Homestay option available upon request. Contact us to confirm availability

For packages and preferential rates please visit our courses page.

*All our prices are in USD